Your events, your way.

What is Siphon.IO?

Siphon.IO is your real-time smart pipe between the components of your application or business. Built on a strong foundation and battle-tested in production, you can be sure that your events will get from A to B to C.

For software developers who can add value to the processing of unusual "firehose" event streams, Siphon.IO provides a quick prototyping platform to prove the concept, and may be licensed as a consumable component to be inserted into branded integrations.


Receive and interpret event data

Siphon.IO ensures that you are not limited in your choice of sources. Thanks to a flexible architecture, any device or protocol can be supported with just a short lead time.

Siphon.IO currently has support for these event sources:


High-speed stream processing

As events flow through Siphon.IO, they can be modified in various ways. Siphon.IO provides a range of built-in options, and custom transformations can be added as necessary.

Several examples are as follows:


Service assurance and debugging

At any point in the process, you may choose to inspect the data flowing through. This is invaluable for determining the source of errors or blockages.

Our real-time inspection interface has interactive filtering functionality and runs on any device, allowing you to confirm device or system activity on the fly from the field.


Spread your actionable data

Having great data is only one piece of the puzzle. What good is it if you can't act on it? Siphon.IO can be used to feed nearly any and multiple simultaneous visualisations or analysis systems in real time. Back-pressure is applied to the data source should the business rules require it.

Push and pull-based outputs are supported, with a wide array of options already available.

Who are we?

We are Moving Data. Our deep expertise with cellular networks, devices, stream analytics and protocol engineering has enabled us to build Siphon.IO to help you create your vertical business intelligence solutions.

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